Bibliocloud helps publishers to be more efficient and to grow.
Here are some selected highlights of how we do that.

Organise your metadata

Your metadata should be easy to enter, easy to access, and demonstrate your high standards to authors, customers, and trade partners. We help you to achieve all of that by modelling your data correctly.

More about metadata

Manage complex, long-running projects

With long development times, external teams to manage, 100 things to be done before publication, and fifty works in the pipeline, management of a large team can be a challenge.

Bibliocloud gives you the tools to cope. Schedules, based on templates that you define, with however many tasks you like, are all stored in the system with tasks that can be allocated to internal and external team members.

Link your personal or corporate calendaring system into Bibliocloud, and show your tasks and publication schedules alongside team vacations and personal appointments, all in one place with helpful links back to the system.

Bring your data to life

Data gets forgotten if it's in Word docs, on someone's email or in a filing cabinet. Bibliocloud keeps data alive and actionable, such as contracted advances due, gratis copies to be posted, and contractually-agreed manuscript delivery dates. From issue tracking and briefing notes to key date management, Bibliocloud turns data into action.

And many other tools to eliminate complexity and improve your publishing capability

Visit our documentation for a thorough look at all the ways Bibliocloud makes you a better publisher.