Who we help

We serve a diverse range of inspiring, innovative book publishers,
who share one thing in common: knowing the value of having one system
to manage their whole business.

A diverse range of distinguished book publishers

Bibliocloud was born from the need of Snowbooks, a well-established genre publisher, to work efficiently as a single team, to communicate effortlessly with trade partners, and produce beautiful marketing materials.

To our trade publishers, we extend that foundation with advanced features which include:

  • Market-specific advance information sheets
  • First-class support for BIC, BISAC, and the brilliant Thema subject codes, and for other subject schemas for particular markets.
  • Automatic linked books in ONIX exports: every product record includes a complete set of associated products, such as "electronic version of", "replaces", "by the same author", and "in the same series". This has a tremendous impact on discoverability.
  • Task and schedule tooling, to make sure the team know where everything is at a given moment, and provide integrations to personal calendars via iCalendar.
  • Website feeds, with continual improvements based on customer feedback.
  • Flexible extraction of data with our custom reports tool.

University Presses

Our University Press clients have metadata needs beyond that of the general trade.

We provide them with metadata support for Open Access publication, based on a wide range of CC licensing options.

We also support the ability to acknowledge research funding support in metadata.

Complex metadata support is a must, with complex work derivations, contributions, research support by parent and partner institutions being essential features of Bibliocloud.

Professional Institutes

Our professional institute clients run a variety of publishing programmes, for a variety of audiences.

They often publish accessible works to a general trade audience, and need the kind of strong marketing material and metadata support that we provide to our more general trade customers.

At the other end of the audience spectrum, they are producing highly technical, often periodic, works for their own membership, and selling directly to corporate and educational libraries.

We provide the complex pricing management that these models require, without any restrictions on the currency or type, with particular combinations such as "US and Canadian dollar library prices" being sent to specific trade partners.

International publishers

Although our roots are in the UK publishing industry, we offer world-wide access, since Bibliocloud is a cloud-hosted web application.

Our core technologies allow clients to store metadata in any script supported by the Unicode consortium, and there is no limit on the range of currencies available to use.

We are quick to adopt new international metadata elements, based on customers' market requirements. A recent example: we added Flemish NUR subject code support, and market-specific publisher and supplier identfication schemes.

NBN International clients

Bibliocloud has particular integrations through ONIX feeds with NBNI, allowing us to send updates on print on demand and automatic stock replenishment arrangements to NBNI.

We also receive daily price and availability feeds, which are completely integrated into the system.